Thoughts on devante hart

Words can’t begin to express my heartbreak when first hearing about him and his siblings deaths at the hands of two people who were supposed to love and care for them. Not beat or starve them. There were signs there but people choose to ignore them. Now six children are dead for what. One of the women had a history of violence but was allowed to adoption more then once. Was background checks not done on this person. Neighbors called and reported them for neglect but CPS waited to long to respond as they always do and now deaths that could been avoided if they reacted sooner. The systems failed these kids. Sweet rest to you may you find joy and happiness you were terribly denied on this earth.

Wondering why people are so quick to bring up a person criminal background when its comes to a police shooting .like is that all you see black men as criminals. Disgust with the media and racist people just sick of it all

Childhood wanted

I wish i could go back to my childhood. Watching saturday cartoons all day long. Riding my bike with friends or playing hide and seek or freeze. Drinking water from the water hose. Catching fireflies with my friends. Going to the park to swing on  swings and run. Playing until the street light came on. Racing home so we wouldn’t get in trouble…


I don’t see why people share videos of people high on drugs. Like do you get a kick out of people who using to escaping from their problems. I don’t find it funny. I find it sad that people go that route. I guess for views. I’m disgust with the people on this earth. Wish we help each other instead of turning our backs on one other

I’m finally secure with myself . i know what i will and won’t accept in my relationships. I seeing things so much so clearly. Lessons my exs taught me what i won’t put up. I’m ready to see what the dating world has to offer me. Leaving the hurt behind.

My life situation currently

I’m working a job I’m no longer passionate about. I can’t quit because i have two people depending on me. I never thought my life would turn out this way. Dealing other people issues day in and out is stressful. I don’t wanna burden my friends with my problems, because they got their own issues to deal with. I trying work up the courage to reapply for these classes so i  can move on to the next step of my nursing career. I’m just afraid my bipolar disorder is going rein its ugly head and prevent me from accomplishing this goal of mines. This is something i really want succeed at finish all the way thru this time.

My last relationship. Part two

After i found out i was pregnant he apologized for putting his hands on me. I forgive him and said we would work out our issues because of the new life growing inside me. Everything was fine but after i turn six months he started being verbal abusive towards me nothing was right food the way i clean the house he just was mad at everything i did nothing i did would please him. Here i am six months pregnant trying make things right because i did love and care about him a great deal But i wasn’t going be to many bitchs and whores no longer so i lefted and went back to my my mom’s . he called text i didn’t respond to any of his attempts to contact me. But its get tiresome hearing my phone ring all day long so i finally respond back and told him he need to get help for his anger and alcoholism because i wasn’t having my child around it