Domestic abuse

There are various types of domestic abuse. Physical abuse involve hit with a fist slap hair pulling biting choking leaving bruises where it’s not visible to the human eye

Emotional abuse involves telling the person they are fat that they are worthless without you making you believe everything your fault when it’s isn’t . The thing I hate the most is when people tell a person who has been in a domestic violence relationship why didn’t you leave why did you put up with the verbal and physical abuse

Most women aren’t able to leave some stay because they have no way out the person has everyone believing they are the victim not you that your the crazy one but slowly but surely the truth comes out that you weren’t the abuser but the victim

I know to many females who have been in a domestic relationship some left some stayed and are still in it

Me I got out of mines five years on and off I finally said enough is enough and got the courage to walk away from it I’m a much happier person now

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