My last relationship

My last relationship was taught me what I do not want from love. I meet this person when I was twenty one he was way older, we work together he pursue me. I was hesitant to talk him because I had a rule never date where you make money at because the drama can cause. I seen first hand at my second job so I vow never to break that promise to myself. But slowly but surely he broke me from the promise I made for myself. I remember one thing he did that made me stop talking to him he grabbing my arm and not letting going because I wanted to go home left a small bruise on me I thank god I could hide it . He apologized saying he was sorry and could he talk to me . Against my better judgement I said okay we meet he apologized some more and end up having intercourse. A month later I started getting sick, I tell him I’m sick as all doors he joking around and say you might be pregnant. I look at him look at are you serious we argue next thing I know I’m push on the bed his hands are around my neck I beg him to let me  go that I can’t breath please let me go I’m crying at this point he let’s go of my throat I’m trying to catch my breath at this point. My phone rings he answer it it my doctor office remainder me of my doctor appointment for today

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