My current situation

I’m trying to keep busy not think of you but it’s hard because I do have feelings for you. It’s not lust or inflation I feel for you. I haven’t felt this way in years and I spend my day sometimes thinking about you . Wondering if you think of me the same .maybe you don’t because you never been in love before and when I try tell you how I feel I get shot down I feel so small . I know we are in different places right now and you dealing with your issues in your life I just want be there supporting you thru everything and you support me as well. You tell me focus on your book among other things. The thing is I’m focused on this book learning new languages and researching New information for my book and manga . I still get giddy when I hear from you u make me happy on the inside and I’m not ashamed of my feelings for you I’m just waiting for the day I see you face to face because u are a amazing person u remainder me of me at times maybe that why I’m draw to you like a moth to a flame. Only time will tell what the future holds for the both of us I just hope we both reach our goals we have set mines for myself and the goals you set for yourself

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Just a woman on a writing journey

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