Current situation part two

The thing about this person is that he makes me see life in a whole new light it’s like he’s exactly what I been waiting for my whole life . I can’t go a day without hearing or speaking to him .I can’t stay mad at him . It sickens me to argue with him I rather not . He support me in my writing and is interested in my ideas I never had that . It feels nice to have him in my life. Right now we are friends but I hope one day we can be more then that . This distance between us is hard because I want touch hold him thru out the night. Go on dates take long walk with him spend two hours just talking about life or whatever comes in mind .I want push him to reach his highest potential and he push me to reach mines I want see him happy in life live out his dreams travel with each other experience life together. Since I meet you I felt at home and at peace I’m happy

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Just a woman on a writing journey

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